Harris Teeter Food Safety

It is really important to have food safety nowadays because of certain health problems that the people are encountering. The best thing to do is to maintain hygiene in your kitchen to maintain a high grade of food safety in your day to day food. Harris Teeter which is one of the most famous supermarkets also provides a wide range of food safety tips for the people so that they can carry on the hygienic surroundings that the supermarket has had for a really long time now. Harris Teeter has been providing hygienic food to the customers for a really long time and the food is really fresh and affordable also according to the budget of the customers. Harris Teeter Food Safety

What Are The Harris Teeter Food Safety Basics?

  • Keeping Cleanliness 

The first step to ensure food safety is to always keep cleaning the surfaces and the products that you are using to prepare the food. It is important to clean the surfaces because that can be the main thing on which the bacteria will survive. If you keep the things clean and wash them every now and then there are less chances for you to catch any illness. Also, the consumers must handle the food safely in order to avoid the growth of Bacteria. It is 50% duty of the consumers to handle the food with safety and precautions so that they do not give a chance to the bacteria to grow. You must first wash your hands before handling the food. Cleanliness must be really important whenever you are doing anything with the food that you will eat.

  • Food Safety Separation

Cross contamination is also one of the most frequent sources of transfer in bacteria if we look at the Harris Teeter Food Safety Program Tips. You must handle the washing of the utensils and cutting of the vegetables very carefully if you want to disqualify the procedure of cross contamination. The cross contamination can occur if the customers are dealing with meat or any seafood. It is really important that the utensil in which you have prepared meat is washed thoroughly. 

How to prevent any kind of cross-contamination?

  1. You must at all cost separate the raw meat, seafood, etc from the other items while shopping. 
  2. You must carry these foods in plastic bags to hold their juices from dripping away.
  3. You must always place these meats and poultry in plastic bags or containers to prevent the juices from leaking in the refrigerator and mixing up with other food. 
  4. Please make sure to store the raw food below the cooked ones to avoid getting the juice drip off.
  5. You must try to keep and store the eggs in the original carton itself for the same.
  6. You must also frequently wash your hands if you are handling raw meat.
  7. You must also frequently clean the cooking surfaces while cooking raw meat.
  8. The cutting boards, dishes, and countertops must be regularly cleaned to avoid getting bacteria from the raw juices. 
  9. The cutting boards for raw meat must be separate.

Harris Teeter Food Cooking

According to the Harris Teeter Food Safety Program, all of the foods must be cooked to a specific temperature. When given a certain temperature, bacteria can grow rapidly which could be a higher factor to cause any illness. 

What are some facts the customers should know before preparing the food?

  1. The growing temperatures of bacteria are between 40 -140 degrees Fahrenheit. 
  2. It can double up in around 20 minutes and cause a major illness to everyone in contact. 
  3. Experts call this the “Danger Zone” range in the food industry because it has major chances to make everyone else in contact.
  4. Experts also suggest avoiding keeping the food out of the refrigerator for more than 2 hours or 1 hour in case the temperature is above 90 degrees Fahrenheit.
  5. You must always use a food thermometer in case of cooking meat and poultry to avoid cooking in the wrong temperatures.
  6. If you want to reheat the pre cooked meals then it must be reheated to a temperature of 165 degrees Fahrenheit.
  7. You must only use a food thermometer to actually take the temperature of your food.

Chill Time

It is really important to refrigerate your food according to the Harris Teeter Food Safety. You must cool your food until at least 40 degrees Fahrenheit or below. The temperature of the freezer must be at 0 degree Fahrenheit or below. You must refrigerate your leftovers within 2 hours of time frame to avoid the growth of bacteria. You can always place your Frozen Food in the freezer. Three ways in which you can easily thaw food are-

  • Refrigerator
  • Cold Water
  • Microwave